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Bracelet Aigue-Marine 6mm

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Bracelet en perles d'Aigue-Marine de 6mm sur élastique renforcé
Fabriqué à Concarneau

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This bracelet assembled in Concarneau is made of 6mm sized Brazilian Aquamarine pearls. All of the beads are mounted on top quality elastic.


Aquamarine is renowned for its many beneficial effects both psychologically and physically. Whether it is to soothe those taking an exam, bring good luck in love, facilitate expressiveness or to purify and have a positive effect on our entire respiratory system, its virtues are multiple and essential.


Our bracelets are made from natural stone beads, which is why inclusions, veining or colors may vary from one bead to another. We take particular care in choosing our stones. The variation in the appearance of the stone has no impact on its quality.

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