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Compagnie des Bijoux welcomes you to its online boutique.


Open for over 25 years in the walled town of Concarneau, the Compagnie des Bijoux shop now welcomes you to its online store.


Discover a wide range of jewellery in different styles, for all ages and all budgets!

Enjoy your visit...

Abalone mother-of-pearl and 925 sterling silver jewelry
Abalone mother-of-pearl
When we say Abalone Mother-of-Pearl, you think of those awful imitations from the 90s, right?
Our Abalone Mother-of-Pearl jewelry collection is made from real shell mother-of-pearl. Read more
Quality and advice
Quality and advice
We've been selling 925 sterling silver jewelry for over 25 years. All our silver jewelry is of the purest quality used in jewelry manufacturing. Read more
Celtic and Breton culture
Celtic Symbols
Celtic culture is so vast that you get lost in its meanings and symbolism? Read more