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Abalone mother-of-pearl

Abalone mother-of-pearl and 925 sterling silver jewelry



At Compagnie des Bijoux, the Abalone Mother-of-Pearl Collection is made of genuine shell mother-of-pearl mounted on 925/1000th sterling silver.

We explain everything:

Mother-of-pearl is found on the inside of the shells of many species of mollusks, such as the abalone shells of our region. Its color is distinctive for its iridescence in shades of green, blue, violet...

For our jewelry, we use Paua shells, generally from New Zealand. Paua is the Maori name given to three species of marine mollusc in the Haliotis family. For the Maoris, Paua is a precious resource for both culinary and decorative purposes.

It is not, of course, a stone per se, but rather a biomineral. It's composed of aragonite crystals bound together by a protein called conchyoline. Mother-of-pearl is made up of successive layers synthesized by the mollusk throughout its life!


Mother-of-pearl is said to soothe anxiety, anger, tension, mood swings and all kinds of excessive emotional states.
On the spiritual side, it's a stone of intuition and open-mindedness: it naturally stimulates imagination and creativity.

In terms of health, this biomineral is said to benefit the digestive system and combat sore throats and headaches. It also stimulates the immune system. 
Last but not least, mother-of-pearl is particularly effective against sight-related problems.