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Quality and advice

Quality and advice


We've been selling 925 sterling silver jewelry for over 25 years. All our silver jewelry is of the purest quality used in jewelry manufacturing. Our jewelry is hallmarked 925 to guarantee the quality of our products.

Rhodium-plated silver is plated with rhodium. It makes the jewelry stainless and gives it a brighter sheen.



To care for your jewelry and keep it shiny, here are a few tips to remember:

- Avoid putting them in direct contact with perfume, soap, hairspray, cream, etc. We advise you to put on your beauty products and wait until they are well impregnated before wearing your silver or stone jewelry.

- Never wear your jewelry while using cleaning products or detergents. Silver will be irreversibly stained.

- Remove your jewelry before showering or swimming. Water can tarnish silver.

- Don't wear your jewelry when doing sports, chores or gardening. Your jewelry could be deformed, scratched or torn off.

- Also, avoid wearing them while sleeping, as your jewelry will wear out more quickly.

- Ideally, use a chamois or soft silver cloth to clean and polish your silver jewelry.

- If necessary, clean with clear, cold water and a soft, used toothbrush. Dry completely with a soft cloth.