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Oval Citrine Earrings

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Beautiful and large dangling earrings in natural Citrine stone and 925/1000th solid silver

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These beautiful dangling earrings are both voluminous and sparkling: it's a real highlight of the stone! The natural Citrine stone is here cut into an oval and set into claws.

  • Dangling hooks are classic.
  • Pattern dimensions: 1.2x1.0mm
  • Weight: 4.2g

The main characteristics of Citrine in lithotherapy are joy of life and abundance. This stone of wealth promotes balance of energies as well as concentration. It is energizing and strongly develops creativity. Generally speaking in lithotherapy, Citrine is a stone promoting positive behavior and allows us to always find the best solution in the common interest and in an optimistic manner.


Good to know: Our stones are natural, which is why you will find inclusions or color variations. An inclusion is a solid, liquid or gaseous element formed at the same time as the mineral in which it is integrated. It is a feature within a gem, which can extend from the interior to the surface.

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